Coping with the Poor

Poverty is the biggest problem in the world. There might be many external reasons supporting the growth of poverty. So, today I thought of exploring the reasons behind poverty, and this is what I got throughout my research from wikipedia.


It seems the kind of poverty that these people have written is based on the income, external situations and they might have considered it based on the GDP as well. But, in a country like India, we have seen people in a worse poor state. In the developing and underdeveloped Asian countries, people living in slums, and on roadside is a horrific thing to look at. Once you travel through a cosmopolitan or highly developed city in India, you can always see something like that, which brings me to a conclusion that urbanization is responsible for poverty.

When we define poverty, it’s a state when someone doesn’t have money to buy basic necessities of life, such as food, clothing and shelter. So let’s figure out here how urbanization is responsible for poverty. In the first stage, when urbanization occurs, the first thing happens is the town planning. Mostly, the towns are either planned near the highways and the remote forests, which were farm lands or a natural habitat for animals, or otherwise could be a village in development. The government uses this land, as it can be acquired easily, and at very cheap prices.

So, the first thing that a villager loses is shelter, and a farmer loses his land, against a sum of money, which even might not be enough for lifetime. This is like snatching means of living from a farmer. Now, a farmer doesn’t knows anything except farming, and since he’s jobless, he goes to a city in order to get a job and means of living for his family. In case of villager, when he loses his shelter, he too goes to a city in search of a shelter that can protect his family. But realty is harsh and bitter for these innocent people. However, it transforms them and makes them shrewd for life.

Once the urbanization happens, the villagers get unskilled jobs at construction sites, and in case they hold a bit of merit, they are taken as labors and helpers in factories. If they’re lucky enough they work at a stall or shop. That’s what the urbanization gives them. It’s cruel, harsh, insulting and poverty. They can’t afford food for themselves, in order to feed their families. Since, they need shelter to stay, they live in slums and on roadside to save money for their kids. They don’t buy new clothes like we do, and they rely on left overs and used ones all their life. Poverty is that miserable..!

So who is to blame? The society, government, or they? If I were to comment, then all of the three are equally responsible for this. Considering the society, which is us. We all are the part of society. Human beings make a society, and we human beings have a very big problem. Whenever we see someone creating something and developing something, we get startled by the fact that it’s not me, but him developing himself. Then, we indulge ourselves in making us better in terms of development, without thing about the drawbacks. Never in the history of the world, anyone has started a war after thinking about its side effects. There’s only one attitude that we possess, “I want this”. We’ve never thought about, “Is it good for all and less damaging”?  Therefore, no society in the world has its originality left in the world. Everyone wants to get ahead and the race is endless. The society has been divided by us in terms of caste, gender, religion and geographical boundaries. Everyone of them is a part of a rat race that leads to nowhere. Urbanization is a competitive platform for all societies to prove their gut.

Also, urbanization is a basis for measuring the development in a country, which brings me to a conclusion that a country with acres of buildings and gadgets controlling people’s life is developed? It’s b***s**t.

The most craziest thing I have ever seen in India is destroying farmlands and forests for commercialization. But why is commercialization needed so much in a country, where almost 60%-70% economy is based on agriculture. In a country like India, we should be proud about our culture and history that has been bestowed by our ancestors. We have all the shastras that teach us the science of life, puranas that give us directions to live, and vedas that guide us through the universal scenario of existence. Not only India, in every culture, the ancestors have given them vast amount of knowledge and other things that can be put to use in the betterment of the earth and habitats living on it.

So what’s the use of this urbanization, which is destroying life of a man. The government would surely benefit from urbanization, as it takes massive funds to build infrastructure from scratch. I appreciate the way they’ve used it for transportation, but it’s a very self-centered and damaging approach again. The government should have either thought about ways to develop a village, rather than destroying it and building an entirely new city. This could have indeed saved them lot of funds and helped in improving the untouched cities and remote villages.

They could have developed green technologies, thought about electricity problems, water issues and employment issues. The reason that villagers and people from small cities migrate to big cities is in search of jobs, as they consider it full of opportunities. Rather than focusing on urbanization and building new infrastructure, the government should think about revamping the existing one and then build a new if required. Also, commercialization needs to be done in small cities and villages as well, so that people do not have to leave their native place in search of opportunities.

There has to be a flexibility in the system. Let’s look at a simple fact what urbanization has done to us. Environmentally speaking, there’s a massive shortage of ground water, since the concrete surfaces, does not allow water to seep in and the rain water is simply wasted and evaporated. It has also increased carbon emission, since when the penetration of urbanization increases, the use of refrigerants and coolants increase with more people adopting the urban lifestyle, and both the commercial and residential aspect of urbanization is equally damaging. It has also stripped of the forests and greenery, which is not able to freshen up the air of the cities, so pollution is uncontrollable as there are no environment filters left. Also, with increasing urbanization, there’s more population migrating to cities and more waste accumulation, thus making it more damaging. It would be a nightmare to live in a city going through all this, but the irony is that the rat race is still in process to get into these cities.

Speaking of poverty, the people selling their farmlands and villages are themselves responsible for the damages as well. It all starts with them as well, since they get into fake promises made by people who would pay them peanuts today. After all that money is spent, they have no where to go. Ultimately, this leads to a state poverty for them. They go into cities jobless and try to get into something and when they fail, they have nothing to do except begging.

That’s only one ugly face of poverty. In the next post I might write about the other ugly face, which is due to human trafficking.


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