Being Woman

I don’t know why I’m writing this, may be because I’m a woman. But I’d have never thought that one day I’ll have to express myself like this. Even though the world is full of possibilities, you never know what might happen next. You could only anticipate and think of a bright future.

The biggest misguiding teachings of life, I’ve so far come across is that there’s light at the end of the dark tunnel. We all have believed it for years, yet no one knows what it actually means. The light isn’t meant to give you a ray of hope, but it’s probably meant to show you the actuality behind the darkness, or the true face of darkness. I’ve always believed that darkness has a beauty of its own, yet it’s the light that shows the true colors of the darkness.

Being a woman is very similar to living in darkness. It’s a harsh truth , yet difficult to explain. The society and religion had already played a great role in humiliating women, and now the masculine objects have played enough role in making it worse to live for women. If you’re a domestic women, don’t consider that you’re safe. Domestic women are the easiest targets for sexual and domestic abuse. Since they don’t know about their rights and are always abstained from stepping out into the society, and thus speaking up for themselves is no more than a nightmare.

The ones who speak up for themselves and stand out are either killed, or humiliated to an extent in the society that they end their life tragically. Such is the harsh truth of being a woman. I’m not speaking as a woman of the Indian society or as feminist. I’m saying this on behalf of every woman in the world, who at some point in life  have been a victim of folly.

While the ones who stand out as examples in the society are constant targets of humiliation or trolls. They have no emotional support, and have to constantly prove themselves. Only family support doesn’t works, the society is huge with all types of elements waiting out there for them. Be it a stalker, co-worker, abusive boy friend,  husband or family, she is the victim and its ends with her. That’s the fate of being a woman, and it’s painful.


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