Fear- Is that Something We are Imbibing in the Generations to Come?

Fear is the most hated word in my dictionary. I usually don’t speak my mind in reality, but sometimes when it comes to speaking up, I don’t hold it inside my head. So here’s something that I would like to bring out.

You may agree or disagree, but the so-called generation Z that we’re raising or growing up with is going to be the most coward generation. Shocking isn’t it? Might find it a very pseudo-intellectual statement.!

But, I believe there are very small things through which I can prove this.

I live in a modern urbanized township, where high class, middle class families reside. Since, I’ve had a very disturbed childhood and teenage, so I’m usually a keen observer of parents with children. I’m a dogging mom, but still very warm towards kids.

Usually when I have to go out and take my little girl Snoopy for a walk, I have to use an elevator. In my building, only 4 families are dog owners. Usually when Snoopy gets into the elevator, the other people standing feel very uncomfortable. If there are parents travelling with kids, then they’ll advise their kids,”Hey look, Doggy. Stay Away, or it will bite.” This is the most common warning and lesson that you can see parents giving to their kids. No matter the kid is an infant or grown up 80% Indian parents are over-protective and imbibe this lesson in the mind of their kids.

I mean how the hell a small domestic dog and that too chained with a harness can even think about attacking? Now where’s that ultra common-sense of these so-called parents? This means from a very early age most of the children are taught to be afraid of dogs, else they’ll bite. Why would an animal bite unnecessarily without a purpose? Till they’re harassed or bothered, no animal can harm human beings. I would take man-eaters and cannibals as an exception though.

Another thing that I have seen very common among Indian families is imposing every decision on their kids. Trust me, I have seen mothers dragging their kids in fancy outfits in the marketplace, and the kid sobbing like anything. For urban mothers, kids have become a style statement. They’ll pull them wherever they want and the kid suffers through a certain traumatic situation. Don’t they know that kids develop their intellect at the age of 5 years and understand how parents treat them.

From an early age to adulthood, parents want to control all necessary decisions for their kids to an extent that marriage in India has become a profitable business for brokers. Parents want to control their children’s education, hobbies, career, marriage and even their life. This superimposition further leads to kids becoming dumb at an adult age. I have seen practical examples. I work in a multi-cultural workplace, and trust me they’re crushed brutally within the society for their coward and indecisive attitude.

Since, parents throughout the upbringing of their kids don’t give them any chance to take any decisions or responsibility. The result, you can see 6 out of 10 kids in India cannot decide whether to opt for Arts, Science, or Commerce after 10th Grade. A high school passed teenager doesn’t possess enough capability to decide a career for himself. A graduate doesn’t know what job he would fit in. Atleast, 15 years of a kid’s life is wasted, in which he could have been nurtured like a precious tree. Parents of today want to reap the benefits of the fruit, but don’t want to invest the real wisdom in raising their children like precious trees. Yet they have endless expectations. What an irony.!

I’m not sure if I can bring any change at all. I can’t change the society, but I can atleast change myself, and avoid being over-protective about my kid. I’d rather as a parent allow my kid to explore the world out there, if he wants to. From an early age, I’ll give him charge of his own life, so that one day he becomes responsible by learning from his experiences. If my own mother would read this post, she’ll definitely say that I’m going to be an irresponsible mother. But, trust me this will definitely help me in testing the capabilities and limitations of my kid.

I want him to fly as high as he wants to, no matter what the world is like. I want to raise a strong and independent child.














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