Which is Weak- Love or Human Ability to Sustain With It?

Often I see and come across many stories. Each of them are more or less common in nature. Mostly stories begin with attraction and love, and end at indifference due to vanished love. So here’s my first question, “Is love so weak to vanish just like that?”

Undoubtedly if I were a love fairy, I’d rather defend saying that love is the most perpetual emotion and feeling in a human’s life, it just can’t vanish. Rather, human’s ability to handle and live with it is weak. I had this moment where a conflict of love fairy and hate fairy stuck my head. So, I’m going to put this together in a conversation that was happening in my mind.

Hate Fairy: See, I told you that Love is Weak. It makes a person weak and becomes painful for anyone.
Love Fairy: No dear, Love isn’t weak. The Human’s ability to live with it is weak.

Hate Fairy: Humans? They are the most intelligent and practical beings, how can they be weak?

Love Fairy: Let me explain- There’s a simple law of universe that you get what you give. Humans have the tendency to get attracted, fall in love and do most of the things at their convenience and pleasure. However, they don’t want to give anything in return. They want to experience love, care and affection. But, when it comes to giving, only a few amongst them are able to survive throughout their lives.

Rest you may see, how relationships are made for selfness. Humans have chosen selfness over selflessness. The ability to be kind and considerate is vanishing.

Hate Fairy: So where’s the weakness? I see only a problem.!

Love Fairy: Do you know that selfness is a weakness which makes a person lonely. A selfish person cannot live happily and can’t keep other around him happy. Though it is likely that he expects someone to please him, but naturally that’s called “using someone at your service emotionally”.

Hate Fairy: Yeah, so what’s bad about it? I mean how does love makes a difference anyway? Love demands too much..!

Love Fairy: If it demands, then it’s simply an expectation. Love is unconditional. It’s like you’re always ready to do anything despite any situation.

Love doesn’t makes you weak, it rather strengthens your bond. It is not supposed to be a give & take business. It is supposed to contain compassion, kindness, affection, and caring attitude. And Hate tell me how many humans today contain all of these emotions?

Hate Fairy: I’m not too sure. But why does love vanishes?

Love Fairy: When the reason behind the so called expectations aren’t fulfilled. One with expectations becomes the dominant. And you already know, if the dominant isn’t pleased, he cannot survive in a relationship.

Hate Fairy: Ah that made sense.! So if humans are emotionally weak, then how come they’ve sustained throughout so many generations?

Love Fairy: Out of necessity. There’s been a necessity of genesis and reproduction throughout the mankind.

Hate Fairy: I hate to say but I’m logically convinced.

It was really pathetic for me to settle upon this conclusion. Only a few hours ago, I had an experience of vanished love. One of my close friends has a dog and he is a crazy dog-lover. We were having a conversation about how expenses should be managed, and he was like, “I want to throw this dog out. He has literally ruined my life. It’s very difficult to bear his expenses.”

That was the most shocking thing for me. I interrupted him saying, “Where’s your love for this creature now? All this time you’ve been only bragging about how much you love your dog?? You don’t even care about the fact how would it feel when you’ll abandon him. Imagine, yourself being abandoned by your parents as a kid, how would you feel then?”

It was at this time he mellowed and realized what he just did. After this instance, I have obviously thought of keeping a realty check on his dog, because I can’t trust what he would do to him. However, my purpose of narrating this story was to show how love vanishes.

Our needs and necessities dominate us to an extent that we tend cheat on those who love us unconditionally. Having lost my grandmother and father four years ago, made me realize the true value of love and the way I on cheated them. Though, I’m blessed with a baby retriever, whom I love more than my life.

I don’t think I can ever cheat on anyone with love.

I hope after reading this, you would avoid to cheat on anyone with Love.

Let me know what you think of this..!





















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