Opportunity For Women- Stay at Home Mums, Working Women, HouseWives, Bloggers, Writers

Here’s an interesting opportunity for Women- Stay at Home Mums, Working Women, House Wives, Bloggers, Writers and women from other walks of life.

We are creating a community, wherein we’ll gather women from various professions and walks of life and talk about their issues and situations. This initiative is backed by female lawyers, gyanecologists, doctors, human rights activists, psychologists, entrepreneurs, relationship counselors, family counselors, and many others.

This is a platform for women to open up about themselves. If they need any emotional, mental, financial, or law related assistance or guidance in personal matter; they can speak up and seek guidance. There are times when we have no one around us to talk about the strains of mind, so the community becomes their friend for a lifetime.

The aim is to help women in not only resolving their issues, but also strengthening them with proper assistance in their career and business. We aim to help them become financially independent. So, if you’re willing to explore more about what we have in store for you, then you can join us here:


If you have questions to ask, then please feel free to email your queries to sbaali44@gmail.com


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