Why this website?

Life is all about living, but the biggest misery is that no one can do anything to evade the dilemmas and problems of anyone. Since no one likes to get into a painstaking situation for anyone. You might get advisory out there, but there are few possibilities of them becoming useful for you.

The biggest question is what on earth are we doing? Using others to get our work done? Letting others suffer and watching them in such state? Doesn’t anyone has a heart?

How can you enjoy upon anyone’s misery? Doesn’t it pains you to see a kid being gambled for money, and begging on streets? Didn’t it ever occur to you that you must do something, in order to help them?

All my life, I’ve seen people using each other for their own benefit, and watching injustice happen without doing something. This blog is dedicated towards discussing the miseries and dilemmas of life, and finding a solution voluntarily.

I would highly appreciate the readers to express their opinions and submit their ideas in form of blog. Through this blog, I have a vision to support those people who need us. I have started the campaign “Karvan Ye Zindagi”  in India, and my team will travel towards the remote and urban areas to find out those problems, which need a solution.

We’re not an organization or a committee, however we’re the independent citizens of this Earth, who are willing to help the people in crisis. This blog is meant for people ,who can think beyond the gates of culture, ethics, religion, and nation, and could spread the message of unity and brotherhood.

Through this campaign, I have a vision to create a family of people, who have such a mentality. For any views, opinions, queries and questions, pls. feel free to post a comment, or mail us at karwanyezindgi@gmail.com  for guest posts and consultation.

Spread the message of unity, peace, and brotherhood.


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