Which is Weak- Love or Human Ability to Sustain With It?

Often I see and come across many stories. Each of them are more or less common in nature. Mostly stories begin with attraction and love, and end at indifference due to vanished love. So here’s my first question, “Is love so weak to vanish just like that?”

Undoubtedly if I were a love fairy, I’d rather defend saying that love is the most perpetual emotion and feeling in a human’s life, it just can’t vanish. Rather, human’s ability to handle and live with it is weak. I had this moment where a conflict of love fairy and hate fairy stuck my head. So, I’m going to put this together in a conversation that was happening in my mind.

Hate Fairy: See, I told you that Love is Weak. It makes a person weak and becomes painful for anyone.
Love Fairy: No dear, Love isn’t weak. The Human’s ability to live with it is weak.

Hate Fairy: Humans? They are the most intelligent and practical beings, how can they be weak?

Love Fairy: Let me explain- There’s a simple law of universe that you get what you give. Humans have the tendency to get attracted, fall in love and do most of the things at their convenience and pleasure. However, they don’t want to give anything in return. They want to experience love, care and affection. But, when it comes to giving, only a few amongst them are able to survive throughout their lives.

Rest you may see, how relationships are made for selfness. Humans have chosen selfness over selflessness. The ability to be kind and considerate is vanishing.

Hate Fairy: So where’s the weakness? I see only a problem.!

Love Fairy: Do you know that selfness is a weakness which makes a person lonely. A selfish person cannot live happily and can’t keep other around him happy. Though it is likely that he expects someone to please him, but naturally that’s called “using someone at your service emotionally”.

Hate Fairy: Yeah, so what’s bad about it? I mean how does love makes a difference anyway? Love demands too much..!

Love Fairy: If it demands, then it’s simply an expectation. Love is unconditional. It’s like you’re always ready to do anything despite any situation.

Love doesn’t makes you weak, it rather strengthens your bond. It is not supposed to be a give & take business. It is supposed to contain compassion, kindness, affection, and caring attitude. And Hate tell me how many humans today contain all of these emotions?

Hate Fairy: I’m not too sure. But why does love vanishes?

Love Fairy: When the reason behind the so called expectations aren’t fulfilled. One with expectations becomes the dominant. And you already know, if the dominant isn’t pleased, he cannot survive in a relationship.

Hate Fairy: Ah that made sense.! So if humans are emotionally weak, then how come they’ve sustained throughout so many generations?

Love Fairy: Out of necessity. There’s been a necessity of genesis and reproduction throughout the mankind.

Hate Fairy: I hate to say but I’m logically convinced.

It was really pathetic for me to settle upon this conclusion. Only a few hours ago, I had an experience of vanished love. One of my close friends has a dog and he is a crazy dog-lover. We were having a conversation about how expenses should be managed, and he was like, “I want to throw this dog out. He has literally ruined my life. It’s very difficult to bear his expenses.”

That was the most shocking thing for me. I interrupted him saying, “Where’s your love for this creature now? All this time you’ve been only bragging about how much you love your dog?? You don’t even care about the fact how would it feel when you’ll abandon him. Imagine, yourself being abandoned by your parents as a kid, how would you feel then?”

It was at this time he mellowed and realized what he just did. After this instance, I have obviously thought of keeping a realty check on his dog, because I can’t trust what he would do to him. However, my purpose of narrating this story was to show how love vanishes.

Our needs and necessities dominate us to an extent that we tend cheat on those who love us unconditionally. Having lost my grandmother and father four years ago, made me realize the true value of love and the way I on cheated them. Though, I’m blessed with a baby retriever, whom I love more than my life.

I don’t think I can ever cheat on anyone with love.

I hope after reading this, you would avoid to cheat on anyone with Love.

Let me know what you think of this..!





















Tricks & tips to win over People

When you’re putting all your efforts in achieving your goals and working hard, almost anything could  get you on a verge of reorganizing your success path.

Usually mind tricks never make you a samurai, but the natural human instincts could surely have a positive impact on people with whom you encounter.

In this post, we are going to discuss some tricks to win over people. Once you’re aware of them, the cataleptic influence on behavior could create a huge difference in your day-to-day life. Here are the tips:

  1. Someone doing a favor makes them more likeyou

Whenever you influence a person to offer any favor, they instinctively justify their willingness to do so. All this might include positive mentality of your personality on the mind of that individual. Through this, not only you could get help, but also it improves your liking in the society.

  1. Patience gets answers

While questioning someone, if he/she is slow to respond, you shouldn’t feel the urge to move the conversation forward. At times, staying calm and patient gives you justified answers. This is extremely helpful in negotiations and other difficult conversations. You need to be certain that you resist yourself from the willingness of moving forward the conversation.

  1. Adding more embarrassing details to a lie makes it more believable

The most believable lie begins with a detailed story. Therefore, a detailed story makes people to believe it. On adding details, you make people think about the story.

  1. People memorize incomplete things better

The native tendency of humans to remember incomplete things is known as the Zeigarnik effect. This is mostly applicable to TV advertising. The strategy is to make the advertisement stick to the heads of people. Therefore, this could be used in important business conversations when you’re dealing with your customer.

  1. People’s feet disclose their interest

You need to pay attention to one’s foot when you’re talking to him. If they’re pointing towards you, then the person is genuinely interested to what you’re saying. However, if the feet point away from you, the conversation is likely to be meaningless.

  1. Demonstrating excitement makes others like you

This certainly highlights the fact that, your thinking and personality reflects the behavior of those around you. Therefore, showing excitement brings back natural excitement to you. This is a simple way of making your first impression strong.

After trying all these tricks, you could definitely notice the difference in people’s attitude towards you. If this article was helpful for you, suggest your views in the comments section.


Where Are the Fucking Emotions?

Let me tell you something.., I feel like shit right now.! The reason I’m writing is just because I want to tell you something which is totally relevant. If you ask me what it’s like to be a single with lot of crap in the society and what’s it like to live with it, then I can probably argue on that.

Yet I can’t express them, since there are no god damn emotions left? And, the irony is I’m a writer . I feel so shallow and so burned up in my own world. I don’t have any human being around me to motivate, except for my wonderful dogs who are the reason behind my ambition. I still enjoy the privacy of my life and never find it empty. I can’t recognize myself anything less than ambitious. Usually my state of mind is so neutral that during moments of happiness I don’t feel happy. It’s just so normal for me. Any problem doesn’t scares me, I just deal with it somehow.

I don’t allow any emotions overrule my brain except for ambition, which is my absolute life-blood. So what am I – a goddamn ambitious vampire with red blood in veins? I’m pretty sure  it’s not just me, but many of you out there trying to figure out what has killed emotions.

The irony is we’ve got lot of emoticons in smartphones and apps, which have gradually diminished in our real lives with time. Why? Because being emotional is so damn uncivilized to some and makes people uncomfortable.

Can you imagine it could be this silly? I can prove this.

Only yesterday I was travelling in a cab with my friend, and suddenly her mom calls him up. As an obedient daughter, she asked about her health and well-being, since she obviously cares about her. Next she reported him that she won’t eat, since she is alone and feeling lazy to cook for only herself. My friend insisted her mother to eat. So, she swore on her that if she(mother) doesn’t eats in an hour, she’d skip her meal too.

That was the scenario of the back seat. The driver soon got irritated, since I was observing the whole event, I could say he just plugged-in the headphones, because he wanted to ignore the mother-daughter emotional conversation. The driver found it uncomfortable or perhaps uncivilized to talk emotionally.

Another instance when we were returning from our trip yesterday, we had to share the cab and it was late, so we started talking about the movie we just saw. This driver was rather rude, as he really wanted to get rid of us. He drove rash on empty road, yet it didn’t stop our conversation. Then, he picked up another passenger who was shared the cab with us. We continued laughing and making fun of movies till the end of our trip. Now it was a two-on-two situation, both the other passenger and driver were feeling uncomfortable.

I later realized that people have become so robotic that they tend to act like Siri. I mean seriously?? If someone is uncomfortable by hearing/watching someone else laugh, then what the hell are they doing on earth? We’re human beings after all and deserve to have emotions in life.

If you want to laugh or cry, then there should be no shame in going public. Stopping yourself just because people around you will feel uncivilized is crazy. Just think, are you living for yourself or for others?

Fear- Is that Something We are Imbibing in the Generations to Come?

Fear is the most hated word in my dictionary. I usually don’t speak my mind in reality, but sometimes when it comes to speaking up, I don’t hold it inside my head. So here’s something that I would like to bring out.

You may agree or disagree, but the so-called generation Z that we’re raising or growing up with is going to be the most coward generation. Shocking isn’t it? Might find it a very pseudo-intellectual statement.!

But, I believe there are very small things through which I can prove this.

I live in a modern urbanized township, where high class, middle class families reside. Since, I’ve had a very disturbed childhood and teenage, so I’m usually a keen observer of parents with children. I’m a dogging mom, but still very warm towards kids.

Usually when I have to go out and take my little girl Snoopy for a walk, I have to use an elevator. In my building, only 4 families are dog owners. Usually when Snoopy gets into the elevator, the other people standing feel very uncomfortable. If there are parents travelling with kids, then they’ll advise their kids,”Hey look, Doggy. Stay Away, or it will bite.” This is the most common warning and lesson that you can see parents giving to their kids. No matter the kid is an infant or grown up 80% Indian parents are over-protective and imbibe this lesson in the mind of their kids.

I mean how the hell a small domestic dog and that too chained with a harness can even think about attacking? Now where’s that ultra common-sense of these so-called parents? This means from a very early age most of the children are taught to be afraid of dogs, else they’ll bite. Why would an animal bite unnecessarily without a purpose? Till they’re harassed or bothered, no animal can harm human beings. I would take man-eaters and cannibals as an exception though.

Another thing that I have seen very common among Indian families is imposing every decision on their kids. Trust me, I have seen mothers dragging their kids in fancy outfits in the marketplace, and the kid sobbing like anything. For urban mothers, kids have become a style statement. They’ll pull them wherever they want and the kid suffers through a certain traumatic situation. Don’t they know that kids develop their intellect at the age of 5 years and understand how parents treat them.

From an early age to adulthood, parents want to control all necessary decisions for their kids to an extent that marriage in India has become a profitable business for brokers. Parents want to control their children’s education, hobbies, career, marriage and even their life. This superimposition further leads to kids becoming dumb at an adult age. I have seen practical examples. I work in a multi-cultural workplace, and trust me they’re crushed brutally within the society for their coward and indecisive attitude.

Since, parents throughout the upbringing of their kids don’t give them any chance to take any decisions or responsibility. The result, you can see 6 out of 10 kids in India cannot decide whether to opt for Arts, Science, or Commerce after 10th Grade. A high school passed teenager doesn’t possess enough capability to decide a career for himself. A graduate doesn’t know what job he would fit in. Atleast, 15 years of a kid’s life is wasted, in which he could have been nurtured like a precious tree. Parents of today want to reap the benefits of the fruit, but don’t want to invest the real wisdom in raising their children like precious trees. Yet they have endless expectations. What an irony.!

I’m not sure if I can bring any change at all. I can’t change the society, but I can atleast change myself, and avoid being over-protective about my kid. I’d rather as a parent allow my kid to explore the world out there, if he wants to. From an early age, I’ll give him charge of his own life, so that one day he becomes responsible by learning from his experiences. If my own mother would read this post, she’ll definitely say that I’m going to be an irresponsible mother. But, trust me this will definitely help me in testing the capabilities and limitations of my kid.

I want him to fly as high as he wants to, no matter what the world is like. I want to raise a strong and independent child.













Being Woman

I don’t know why I’m writing this, may be because I’m a woman. But I’d have never thought that one day I’ll have to express myself like this. Even though the world is full of possibilities, you never know what might happen next. You could only anticipate and think of a bright future.

The biggest misguiding teachings of life, I’ve so far come across is that there’s light at the end of the dark tunnel. We all have believed it for years, yet no one knows what it actually means. The light isn’t meant to give you a ray of hope, but it’s probably meant to show you the actuality behind the darkness, or the true face of darkness. I’ve always believed that darkness has a beauty of its own, yet it’s the light that shows the true colors of the darkness.

Being a woman is very similar to living in darkness. It’s a harsh truth , yet difficult to explain. The society and religion had already played a great role in humiliating women, and now the masculine objects have played enough role in making it worse to live for women. If you’re a domestic women, don’t consider that you’re safe. Domestic women are the easiest targets for sexual and domestic abuse. Since they don’t know about their rights and are always abstained from stepping out into the society, and thus speaking up for themselves is no more than a nightmare.

The ones who speak up for themselves and stand out are either killed, or humiliated to an extent in the society that they end their life tragically. Such is the harsh truth of being a woman. I’m not speaking as a woman of the Indian society or as feminist. I’m saying this on behalf of every woman in the world, who at some point in life  have been a victim of folly.

While the ones who stand out as examples in the society are constant targets of humiliation or trolls. They have no emotional support, and have to constantly prove themselves. Only family support doesn’t works, the society is huge with all types of elements waiting out there for them. Be it a stalker, co-worker, abusive boy friend,  husband or family, she is the victim and its ends with her. That’s the fate of being a woman, and it’s painful.

Coping with the Poor

Poverty is the biggest problem in the world. There might be many external reasons supporting the growth of poverty. So, today I thought of exploring the reasons behind poverty, and this is what I got throughout my research from wikipedia.


It seems the kind of poverty that these people have written is based on the income, external situations and they might have considered it based on the GDP as well. But, in a country like India, we have seen people in a worse poor state. In the developing and underdeveloped Asian countries, people living in slums, and on roadside is a horrific thing to look at. Once you travel through a cosmopolitan or highly developed city in India, you can always see something like that, which brings me to a conclusion that urbanization is responsible for poverty.

When we define poverty, it’s a state when someone doesn’t have money to buy basic necessities of life, such as food, clothing and shelter. So let’s figure out here how urbanization is responsible for poverty. In the first stage, when urbanization occurs, the first thing happens is the town planning. Mostly, the towns are either planned near the highways and the remote forests, which were farm lands or a natural habitat for animals, or otherwise could be a village in development. The government uses this land, as it can be acquired easily, and at very cheap prices.

So, the first thing that a villager loses is shelter, and a farmer loses his land, against a sum of money, which even might not be enough for lifetime. This is like snatching means of living from a farmer. Now, a farmer doesn’t knows anything except farming, and since he’s jobless, he goes to a city in order to get a job and means of living for his family. In case of villager, when he loses his shelter, he too goes to a city in search of a shelter that can protect his family. But realty is harsh and bitter for these innocent people. However, it transforms them and makes them shrewd for life.

Once the urbanization happens, the villagers get unskilled jobs at construction sites, and in case they hold a bit of merit, they are taken as labors and helpers in factories. If they’re lucky enough they work at a stall or shop. That’s what the urbanization gives them. It’s cruel, harsh, insulting and poverty. They can’t afford food for themselves, in order to feed their families. Since, they need shelter to stay, they live in slums and on roadside to save money for their kids. They don’t buy new clothes like we do, and they rely on left overs and used ones all their life. Poverty is that miserable..!

So who is to blame? The society, government, or they? If I were to comment, then all of the three are equally responsible for this. Considering the society, which is us. We all are the part of society. Human beings make a society, and we human beings have a very big problem. Whenever we see someone creating something and developing something, we get startled by the fact that it’s not me, but him developing himself. Then, we indulge ourselves in making us better in terms of development, without thing about the drawbacks. Never in the history of the world, anyone has started a war after thinking about its side effects. There’s only one attitude that we possess, “I want this”. We’ve never thought about, “Is it good for all and less damaging”?  Therefore, no society in the world has its originality left in the world. Everyone wants to get ahead and the race is endless. The society has been divided by us in terms of caste, gender, religion and geographical boundaries. Everyone of them is a part of a rat race that leads to nowhere. Urbanization is a competitive platform for all societies to prove their gut.

Also, urbanization is a basis for measuring the development in a country, which brings me to a conclusion that a country with acres of buildings and gadgets controlling people’s life is developed? It’s b***s**t.

The most craziest thing I have ever seen in India is destroying farmlands and forests for commercialization. But why is commercialization needed so much in a country, where almost 60%-70% economy is based on agriculture. In a country like India, we should be proud about our culture and history that has been bestowed by our ancestors. We have all the shastras that teach us the science of life, puranas that give us directions to live, and vedas that guide us through the universal scenario of existence. Not only India, in every culture, the ancestors have given them vast amount of knowledge and other things that can be put to use in the betterment of the earth and habitats living on it.

So what’s the use of this urbanization, which is destroying life of a man. The government would surely benefit from urbanization, as it takes massive funds to build infrastructure from scratch. I appreciate the way they’ve used it for transportation, but it’s a very self-centered and damaging approach again. The government should have either thought about ways to develop a village, rather than destroying it and building an entirely new city. This could have indeed saved them lot of funds and helped in improving the untouched cities and remote villages.

They could have developed green technologies, thought about electricity problems, water issues and employment issues. The reason that villagers and people from small cities migrate to big cities is in search of jobs, as they consider it full of opportunities. Rather than focusing on urbanization and building new infrastructure, the government should think about revamping the existing one and then build a new if required. Also, commercialization needs to be done in small cities and villages as well, so that people do not have to leave their native place in search of opportunities.

There has to be a flexibility in the system. Let’s look at a simple fact what urbanization has done to us. Environmentally speaking, there’s a massive shortage of ground water, since the concrete surfaces, does not allow water to seep in and the rain water is simply wasted and evaporated. It has also increased carbon emission, since when the penetration of urbanization increases, the use of refrigerants and coolants increase with more people adopting the urban lifestyle, and both the commercial and residential aspect of urbanization is equally damaging. It has also stripped of the forests and greenery, which is not able to freshen up the air of the cities, so pollution is uncontrollable as there are no environment filters left. Also, with increasing urbanization, there’s more population migrating to cities and more waste accumulation, thus making it more damaging. It would be a nightmare to live in a city going through all this, but the irony is that the rat race is still in process to get into these cities.

Speaking of poverty, the people selling their farmlands and villages are themselves responsible for the damages as well. It all starts with them as well, since they get into fake promises made by people who would pay them peanuts today. After all that money is spent, they have no where to go. Ultimately, this leads to a state poverty for them. They go into cities jobless and try to get into something and when they fail, they have nothing to do except begging.

That’s only one ugly face of poverty. In the next post I might write about the other ugly face, which is due to human trafficking.